The Pulse – Sleep Habits 2

Is everybody sleeping I can’t find anyone to talk about sleep we only need seven to nine hours of sleep a night can you catch up on sleep if you don’t have sleep and not sleep one night can you catch up the next night no the cab reverse what you already did can you sleep ten hours on the weekend and then average it all out you can’t really average think over time it’s really every day we should try to get that seven to nine hours does your brain shut off at night when we go to sleep does our brain go to sleep I would say mine doesn’t still working done while I’m dreaming when I sleep so I’m gonna say it’s false that stays off no no oh sure I have dreams okay we go to that what position do you I feel like I’m on my sides usually yeah you think that’s the best position probably not now I wake up a job problems sometimes yeah I just live my side curled up okay yeah people cuz I do feel a position when I sleep you’re sure actually sleeping on the back as we get older is best because it keeps our spine and our neck kind of in that neutral position so you might want to try that okay it’s best to keep these an alarm yes what kind of sound is that alarm engine it’s a like a submarine song a light chime nothing too abrupt nothing that’s gonna make me feel irritated when I get up in the morning is really annoying some stupid dude are you shutting your jars out yeah to wake up you look at try kind of more gradual there you go is it Hong Kong beep-beep or is it more like

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